Customer card


Customer Card of BERGS BAZAAR offers:

  • information about novelties in our shops;
  • constant discount to your purchases;
  • receipt of special offers intended to our customers.

To receive Customer Card please complete an application form available at companies in BERGS BAZAAR.

Customer Card has identified card number. Personalized Card is issued within 3 working days from the day when
application form was submitted.

Card is issued free of charge and its validity term is not limited

Personal data of a Customer’s Card holder is registered and aggregated in BERGS BAZAAR Customer database; mentioned data are not disclosed to third parties and are used only for following purposes:

  • to identify the holder;
  • to state sales statistics;
  • to inform the Holders of Customer Card about the offers.

Special offers intended for the Customer Card are available on the website

Narciss is an internationally recognized fashion designer Alice Trautman cherished brand that opened a fashion atelier - cafe in Bergs Bazaar.

Beauty salon  Institut Esthederm works with an exclusive and a high-tech brand, which constantly strives to meet the health, beauty and well-being needs of its clients.

The new ANNA LED shop-studio is highly topical concept: under one roof in the three core elements of the brand - made ​​clothing store, design studio and production unit.

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