About Us

About Us

The BERGS BAZAAR is an historial pedestrian village-like enclave inspired by the 19th century arcades then so popular all over the Europe and beyond. It was built between the years 1887-1900 by Kristaps Bergs on of Latvia's first modern real estate developers. After the fifty year long Soviet neglect and the return of the property to its rightful heirs, the BERGS BAZAAR is once again fulfilling its founder's vision - combining residential, commercial and retail activities in a single complex.

For the past decade the restoration and reconstruction projects have respected the original design while incorporating modern facilities to meet current and future demands. Surrounded by shops, restaurants on the ground level; modern offices and restaurants above, stands the grandest of all reconstruction projects - HOTEL BERGS - a glass-domed, five storied state of the art boutique hotel. More than one hundred years after it was founded, the BERGS BAZAAR is once again becoming one of Riga's premier retail, business and residential locations.


The popular local Farmers Market will hold on Saturday, April 12 and 26, 2014 at 10 - 16.


Film programm.

French pastries Cadets de Gascogne is opening in Bergs Bazaar!
A cosy French-owned cafe offering a wide range of home-made French pastries. Excellent for a coffee break with a newspaper - Le Monde, Paris match, Le Canard Enchaine as well as English language newspapers and German daily Bild are available. This is a non-smoking cafe.

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